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About The Monday Pasta Club


The Monday Pasta Club is a weekly recipe page dedicated to Pasta.

The Monday Pasta club was born in the first few weeks of the second lockdown, back in November 2020. Being plunged into lockdown was the catalyst for re discovering a passion, mine being my pasta machine tucked at the back of the cupboard that I got for my 12th birthday but never fully committed to. During lockdown I fully ammersed myself into the world of handmade pasta. Falling into a never ending rabbit hole of reading, watching and making pasta. I think this is why I love it. It is a continuous journey of learning, reading, watching and researching that is constantly enriching my knowledge of the world that is pasta.

I was cooking pasta nearly every day in lockdown.  I wanted to show it off which is where The Monday Pasta Club comes in. If we fast forward just over two and half years to now and I am still posting every week. I solely develop, write, cook and photograph all the recipes and absolutely love doing it, I hope you enjoy them just as much. 

About Me: About

About Me

I work as a pastry chef in the day in a small cake shop and bakery in Bristol, then turn my focus onto The Monday Pasta Club in my spare time, taking up the majority of what is left. In between that I will be cooking for myself and loved ones, or if I’m not in a kitchen then ill be out for dinner, one of my most favourite activities. As you can start to tell, food & cooking encompasses me and everything I live for. 

 People often ask the question, ‘Where do you find inspiration for new recipes every week?’ Honestly, I still haven’t come up with a satisfying answer. But the truth is I’m always thinking about food, and never really thinking about it all at the same time. It feels natural to have ideas that spring from somewhere and nowhere. It could be inspired by a person I care for a lot and I know they would love it or browsing veg at the Greengrocers for an uncomfortable amount of time. It could be from something I’ve seen on Instagram or an unusual ingredient I’ve spotted at the back shelf of the local deli. I take inspiration and ideas from everywhere.

About Me: Welcome
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